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The products that we offer….


Perennials are plants that come back year after year.  We specialize in native and adapted species that provide seasonal interest, pretty flowers, and good pollinators into your garden.


Annuals provide color for one season and must be replaced each year.  Annuals provide excellent pops of color in the garden, and it’s always worth the work.  Stock changes depending on season.

Hanging Baskets

Annual color baskets are offered in the spring.  They are great for the ease of accenting a porch or patio.

Flowering Shrubs

A broad category  that includes Forsythia, Althea, Butterfly Bush, Spirea, Quince, Weigela, Abelia, Dwarf Crape Myrtles, and much much more.


Roses are always a favorite.  We carry antique roses known for their endurance in a landscape, along with their fragrant flowers.  We also carry the line of Knockout and Drift Roses that are famous for their spectacular re-blooming and vigor in the landscape.  Multiple colors available.

Vegetables & Herbs

Seasonally available during spring and fall planting season

Landscape Trees

Trees are beneficial for providing shade.  They can also offer fall color, seasonal flowers, wind breaks, and screening.  There is always a good reason to plant a tree and we have mature size and interesting stock.  We sell trees in containers, and trees grown in a field, dug up and wrapped in burlap.  Don’t worry about digging the hole, we can do it for you!


We specialize in carrying heirloom garden seeds.  We have a large selection of vegetable seeds, along with rare flowers and herbs.


We carry a variety of glazed pottery that can be kept outside year round.  Different color and sizes available.

Potting Soil

Get your containers off to a great start with providing the best substrate for your roots to grow in.


Fertilizer helps put nutrients back into your soil.  All plants benefit from a yearly application of plant food.  No matter what plant you are feeding, we have the right fertilizer for you.

Insect and Disease Control

Garden pests and diseases are a natural part of the gardening cycle.  We have many options available to help you combat these problems.  Bring in a sample of the nuisance and we will diagnose the problem and offer a solution.

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