Clear Creek Gardener
Our Gardens
Clear Creek Gardener is all about demonstration gardening.  A good portion of our energy is dedicated to creating and maintaining gardens at our nursery to better help costumers create in their own yard  Here are some pictures of our demonstration gardens.

Our Chief gardener oversees and approves all our onsite gardens, occasionally he helps too!

Our raised bed design is ideal for a small scale vegetable garden.  The raised bed is tall
so that access to your garden for planting, weeding and harvesting is much easier.

Our raised bed also make it easy to hand select and amend the soil you use, so that you can control and improve your soil properties with ease. The raised bed design facilitates intensive  planting techniques to maximize the productivity of your garden. Come by Clear Creek Gardener and we will help you to create a raised bed of your own.

We also have a large row crop style vegetable garden.  Pictured is a winter cover crop of clover.  Clover is a legume which is a good cover crop to use rather than leaving your garden barren.  The clover actually puts nitrogen back into the soil as it grows, getting it ready for the nitrogen hungry spring crop of tomatoes and squash.

Our Entrance Garden is showing progress.  We have taken an unkept country yard
and transformed it to a worthy entry!

Our Demonstration Rose Garden is growing too!  We have 15 different antique roses planted.
That is about half of the variety of over 30 roses we have for sale!!

Our Greenhouse is filled with beautiful house plants and tropicals!
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